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Are you looking for a special golf gift for a friend or family member? Look no further than the Tempe Golf Range and Academy. We have got the perfect gift for everyone! E-Gift vouchers are available for the following services:


*Tempe Golf Range and Academy e-gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase date

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Warranty and Exchange

If you have purchased something through our website that is damaged, faulty or incorrectly advertised please contact

There is no legal right to exchange or refund under The Trade Practices Act 1974 if:

1. Customers have simply changed their minds about the goods

2. Goods were damaged after the customer bought them. However, where goods are damaged due to manufacturing issues/faults, an exchange or refund will be possible as described above. A customer has no proof of purchase, i.e. the customer does not have his/her receipt. In this situation we will only exchange/refund where authorisation from the store manager is obtained;

3. Customers know, or should reasonably have known, about any faults when they bought the goods: for example, as seconds.

In some special circumstances, The Golf Clearance Outlet may accept an exchange for some products. In these instances the purchaser is responsible for all associated freight costs (if purchased online). A receipt number must also be provided in all circumstances.


Our suppliers may offer a 12 month warranty on some products that become faulty, flawed or defective. However, some manufacturers may cover items for 2 years or even up to 5 years. These warranties do NOT cover accidental damage, abuse, improper handling, repairs made by unauthorized persons, or failure of the product due to use other than its intended purpose. Nor does the warranty extend to normal wear and tear.

In the instance you feel you may be entitled to a warranty claim please contact (if the product was purchased online). If the product was purchased in store, then return the product to one of our stores. Most products purchased online need to be returned to our head office for assessment. If we cannot come to a conclusion about whether a product will be covered or not, then the product will need to be returned to the manufacturer. Where applicable, we will deal with manufacturers on the customer's behalf. The reason for this is that the manufacturers have the most expertise when it comes to their product and they are by far the most qualified to make decisions on whether items are covered under warranty or not. Depending on the nature of the warranty and the location of the manufacturer, we cannot guarantee a set timeframe for repair or replacement.

Please see the link below for further information on warranties and what customers and retailers are entitled to.

Just because items are deemed to be covered under warranty, it doesn't mean you will automatically get a replacement. In many and most cases, golf clubs and other golf products ARE repairable. In cases where a club is not repairable (I.e. a cracked face in a driver), a replacement club may be issued pending assessment of the club returns no signs of incorrect use.

Please Note: Due to various surface areas found at the driving range, manufacturers may not cover products which have been damaged whilst being used at the driving range. Many driving ranges have cheap synthetic turf with concrete directly beneath it. Golf clubs, especially with graphite shafts, are not designed for this kind of impact.

Please note that proof of purchase and/or receipt must always be presented to validate the purchase.

Please note: We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. This is why we keep a separate picking list in our warehouse which we use to cross reference when errors are reported. We do this so as any errors that may occur can be traced and rectified as soon as possible.

We also require than any errors in your order be reported within 7 days of receipt of delivery. This is simply to avoid any possibilities of fraud and to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they have paid for.